SOTERIOLOGY – Doctrine of Salvation “Assignment”

1. Common grace is the grace of God by which he gives __________ __________ blessings that are not part of salvation.

2. In distinction from common grace, the grace of God that brings peope to salvation is often called ________ ______.

3. Common grace is different from saving grace in its _________

4. The basic meaning of regeneration is found in John 3:3. Jesus said that it is necessary for a man to be _____ ______ if he is to enter into the kingdom of God.

5. Regeneration is a ________ act of God in which he __________new spiritual life to _______.

6. Which member of the Trinity is the one who causes regeneration__________.

7. Effective calling is God the Father _______ powerfully to _________.

8. Please list three categories in thich common grace is seen