Bible Study Notes

Experience the 21 Blessings of a True Fast
Month of May 
Your light shall break forth like the morningShine like morning light 
Month of June 
Your health shall spring forth speedily- Health means you’ll have healing, restoration and wholeness. Speedily means soon, quickly, shortly
Month of July 
Your righteous shall go before thee– Righteous means vindicated, deliverance, victory prosperity
Month of August 
The glory of the LORD shall be your rear guard– Glory means abundance, riches, splendor, dignity reputation 
Month of September
You shall call, and the LORD will answer– Call in the Hebrew is Qara which means to proclaim, decree, invite commission appoint to read a loud to one-self 
Month of October 
Your Light will rise in obscurity– Light in the Hebrew is or which means light of life, light of lamp, light of prosperity, light of instruction, light of happiness 
Month of November
Your darkness will be as the noonday – Noonday in the Hebrew is Tsohar which means happiness and blessings  Darkness means gloominess and calamity, in the midst of gloominess and calamity you will have blessings and happiness