Pastor Anthony Morgan Sr. has been in ministry for over 20 years with his wife. They have two sons, a daughter in law and two grandchildren. Pastor Morgan is a prolific preacher and teacher of the word of God. He has a unique style of teaching the word of God. He has used visual aides and other unique demonstrations with notable outcomes. In 2009 Pastor Morgan answered the call of God to start a church along with his wife. He believes that making disciples is crucial in ministry. He is not only a preacher and profound teacher of the word, but he has his Board Certification for Biblical Counseling. Pastor Morgan has attended The Philadelphia Bible University, The Destiny Center, and Trinity Seminary, and also Therapon Institute. His passion and love for God has blessed everyone he meets. He is a true servant of God, who believes in the power of God. Pastor Morgan desires to see everyone receive the good news of Jesus Christ so that they can live a victorious life.

Executive Pastor

Pastor Alberta Morgan has been in full time ministry for over 18 years. She is a prolific preacher of the word of God reaching those who are lost, those who are seeking God for more, and those who need direction when faced with everyday challenges. Her preaching and teaching ministry is both prophetic and life changing. Pastor Morgan is an intercessor, therapist, financial counselor, Board Certified for Biblical Counseling, and a mentor to many all over the country and internationally. Pastor Morgan received her Doctorate Degree in Ministry from Grace Bible College and Seminary in 2012. She also, received her Master’s Degree in 2000 from Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ. She also attended Palmer Seminary, The Destiny Center, Therapon Institute, and Philadelphia Bible University, PA. Pastor Morgan is actively involved in several community based organizations. They have two sons, a daughter in law and two grandchildren.